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The happiest of people don't necessarily have to have the best of everything, they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.

Friday, May 02, 2008

just some updated pics :o)

Here are just some pics of Eli and Felicity. We were able to visit Alabama in March and i snapped some (alot actually) pictures while i was there and here are a few of Eli and some of Eli and cousin Felicity :o) and the rest are of Felicity in our front yard (in Florida) in april. That's all my blog for now! Enjoy!

Friday, November 23, 2007

pics (for lyndsay bc she cares)

So my second to last blog i was in Alabama and forgot that i had promised to post pics from my visit! I just checked my comments and wonderful Lyndsay reminded me that i hadn't yet posted any! What is my DEAL!? Anyway... since no one else cares about the pictures, these are just for Lyndsay. :o) Buuuttt... if you DO care, go ahead and look i guess... Then read my Thanksgiving post. K peace out.

P.S. i have TONS more pics but i just can't post them all! You will love these though. Eli's "whistle face," as we call it, is awesome! There are two pics with this famous Eli expression. Felicity is in a few pics as well. She is growing up so fast i just can't believe it! Enjoy the pics and if you want to see more you will just have to come to my house and i will show you. :o) Or you can request an online slideshow.

P.S.S. i have no idea why blogger is putting my pics so freakin far apart. I can't fix it... i've tried. oh well. Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!--- read to the end... it gets better

i'm still alive and well... and i'm well... bc life is good. life is good bc i dont let little things bother me. life is good bc i know how to enjoy every moment of my day and take the not-so good moments and make them into better ones. life is good bc i love to enjoy each moment, each breath, each conversation with a friend, each new word that Felicity creates, each time my phone rings, each hug or "good mornin mommy" i receive from her, and i even have learned to make the most out of the things that would otherwise annoy me, such as... a phone call from someone i dont necessarily want to talk to keeping in mind it might make their day better though i may be sacrificing 5 minutes of mine... such as a simple 30 minute visit from someone i normally wouldnt choose to converse with though it may mean the world to them... such as swallowing my pride when someone asks me for a favor which would cause me to use my talents that the Lord has blessed me with and receive nothing in return (i mean isn't that the blessing of having talents in the first place? What greater joy is it to be able to minister to someone with the talents that the Lord has ever so blessed us with and expect absolutely nothing in return and acctually be satisfied with just that. How much more of an accomplishment is that?). I have learned so much within the past couple months... weeks even... that i just felt like i needed to not be selfish and not hold this information in... i feel like i need to let the world know to sit back a minute and look at what's REALLY most important in life. I have been so stressed and so busy with constant work lately that i just haven't had much time for my family and friends. I really feel like God is using this time in my life to grow me into a better person and to learn to say... "Hello! How are you doing today!?" to someone, and really mean it! Instead of focusing so much of my time on my stress from work that i can't even pick up my head once in a while to realize that someone else may have something important going on in THEIR life as well. I am embarrassed that i have ever focused on my own time and talents so much that i have forgotten the importance of the millions of talents that God has blessed with my family and friends around me. This world is not just all about me. This world is about Jesus and letting our light shine for Him and to not get consumed in the everyday business of "me, myself, and i", but, rather, to focus on the most important thing that people seem to forget about... others!

So, please... take a moment... sit back and think about what you are doing with your life. Who is it pleasing to? Who is truly impressed? it just you? What impact are you making and is it positively impacting your eternity or the eternity of those around you?

and finally... are you letting your Jesus light shine? or is it sort of on hold for the moment... and for what reason? what in your life is getting in the way of you having the true joy of Jesus. Where did that person you used to be go?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Here i am

sup. So i'm in Alabama right now visiting my wonderful brother, my awesome sis-in-law, Mandy, and their beautiful family. I love them lots. I'm actually using their computer to type this right now and they don't know it. Oh well. Anyway, I've been taking lots of pics this week of little baby Eli and Felicity. Unfortunately they are saved on my laptop right now, not this computer, but as soon as I get back home I will post some pics up. Anyway... just wanted to let everyone know i'm still alive.

My life has been so freakin busy lately. I got a new job as a graphic designer for a professional photographer in Ocala (He calls me his "production manager" so it's cool... i have a title. ) :o) and i've also been extremely busy with my own photography business (JodieLynnStudio) that i've started myself! I'm really pretty excited about it and i've been getting more and more business lately, so it's good to have this little vaca here in AL with my fam whom i love. Though, I do love and am so extremely blessed being able to have a paying job doing the things I love to do most in life! (photography, graphic design, and paint) Might I ad that, I do all the graphic designing at HOME so i never have to be anywhere at anytime. I am at home with Felicity and free to my own schedule! Thank you Jesus! So, anyway, check out my website if you have nothing else to do over the next few minutes. THANKS!

C y'al later! :o)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ain't no Muffin Top

ohhhh my GOSH! This is the funniest thing i've ever seen!!! Click on the link below to view the video about muffins. You'll love it!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

alive, teeth and... WALKING

Yes, i'm alive! Just in case you were wondering. I've just been a busy busy busy little mommy. Plus i've been doing this whole myspace thing instead of blogger. SORRY guys! Myspace just has more to offer! Sheeesh!
But Felicity is just so freakin amazing that I HAD to do a blog! She is walking, yes WALKING now! She took her first step on her 9 month birthday but she's been completely walking since 10 months. She's 10½ months now and is all over the place! She isn't like running full speed or anything like that, but she walks carefully and gets soooo excited about it too! You know when she's walking b/c she "sings" the whole time... kind of this high pitch squeal like "EEEEEEEE! LOOK AT ME! EEEEEEEEE!!!" She practically takes all the air out of the room. It's sooo cute! She gets the hugest smile on her face! She also has 6 teeth now! 4 up top and 2 little cuties on the bottom! You can see them every time she smiles. I LOVE IT!

Anyway... here are some pics of her from tonight at church. Maybe one day i'll get a video clip of her and figure out how to put it on here. Until then... PICS! :o)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Response to OshKoshBlogosh

So my wonderful, halarious brother posted an awesome blog on March 1st titled "lookalikes." Brilliant. Here is my response to his posting...
That's all I have for now.